Saturday, October 10, 2015

In search of a hobby/purpose?

The past several years have been nonstop hustling trying to get to the next step. Whether it was having babies, raising the babies, getting a grad degree, getting good jobs, buying a house, getting promotion, etc....I've always had my sights on something to work toward. I've been very lucky, and very tired!

Now I'm at a strange point in my life where it's fine tuning the details, the ever-trudging financial goals, and mainly just wondering where to go from here.

I have to have something outside of work/my career to fulfill me and define me as a person. I'm realizing it's super lame to only have your job to talk about when you're around other people...even if you feel that your job is interesting. I'm really starting to enjoy being a mom more and more, but again, everyone - especially moms- needs to have something to work on and get creative with outside of their family duties.

I have thoughts swirling around about a side business, a community, an active hobby with other people, volunteering for charity, or something like that. I just know it's not joining a bible study, because I'm horrible at "sharing". We shall see!