Friday, September 25, 2015

A girl who has only 6 pairs of shoes??

I used to think 20 pairs was a small shoe collection. Now I've got my A team - 6 pairs. One type of shoe for each need - a cute sandal, a boot, a heel, a flat, a running shoe, and CHACOS. As fun as it sounds, I'd probably get anxiety with an epic shoe closet like this chick...if I'm not getting a ton of wear out of it, I don't want to possess it or be responsible for it.

Having only 6 pairs of shoes has made a lot of sense in my life....the six that I have are all really nice, and work perfectly for my lifestyle. From time to time I find myself wishing that I had a bright red shoe, but the simplicity of only having the essentials outweighs my fleeting desires for variety. For me, the creativity and variety comes from putting together outfits, jewelry, and makeup looks from my edited down collections of all those items.

My shoe collection used to look like this (in our previous home, 2 years ago)....but I feel much more free, mentally, with a more streamlined group of 6 shoes. And, it works better for my narrow shelves in the new house! I have to admit I miss my flats having a pointed toe - when my current flats become ragged, I'll prob. replace them with a pointed toe again. I can't deny my love for the pointed toe.

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  1. Wow, that is inspiring! Although I am not a shoe fanatic, I have more than I need. I promise myself that this week, I will get rid of two pairs that I no longer wear.