Friday, September 25, 2015

A girl who has only 6 pairs of shoes??

I used to think 20 pairs was a small shoe collection. Now I've got my A team - 6 pairs. One type of shoe for each need - a cute sandal, a boot, a heel, a flat, a running shoe, and CHACOS. As fun as it sounds, I'd probably get anxiety with an epic shoe closet like this chick...if I'm not getting a ton of wear out of it, I don't want to possess it or be responsible for it.

Having only 6 pairs of shoes has made a lot of sense in my life....the six that I have are all really nice, and work perfectly for my lifestyle. From time to time I find myself wishing that I had a bright red shoe, but the simplicity of only having the essentials outweighs my fleeting desires for variety. For me, the creativity and variety comes from putting together outfits, jewelry, and makeup looks from my edited down collections of all those items.

My shoe collection used to look like this (in our previous home, 2 years ago)....but I feel much more free, mentally, with a more streamlined group of 6 shoes. And, it works better for my narrow shelves in the new house! I have to admit I miss my flats having a pointed toe - when my current flats become ragged, I'll prob. replace them with a pointed toe again. I can't deny my love for the pointed toe.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Minimal-ish makeup collection.

Over the past year, my makeup collection has evolved. I've started to appreciate the finer things in the makeup world, and while I don't have 20 blush color options, the one blush that I do have is kickass.

I'm still trying to cull down my makeup collection to only "value add" items. If it doesn't significantly impact my skincare or makeup look, it doesn't get a spot on the A-team. Below, I'll talk more about what I'm definitely not replacing, what I will buy again in the same shade/brand, and item types I have but haven't found "the one" yet.

I say this is minimal-ish, because I feel like calling it minimalist isn't accurate since there are more than like, 3 products. However, compared to the overflowing bins, drawers, and kaboodles that I had as a high school girl, and that many women still do have, it's pretty pared down. Makeup is utilitarian to me, but it's also something I enjoy. While I don't need tons of options, I want the items I have to be really good.

Back left compartment: Urban Decay concealer; Too Faced foundation; Too Faced primer/moisturizer. I will repurchase the concealer - love it. The foundation is nice, but I'll try something else next time. I'm still unsure about whether the primer is worth it or not. I may not replace it and just use my night cream in a lighter layer for a day moisturizer.

Mid left compartment: 4 essie nailpolishes. Top fave is "Ballet Slippers" and "Good to Go" topcoat. Two not as important shades are "Find me an Oasis" and "Watermelon". Clinique face powder (yes); Tarte bronzer (yes); Tarte blush (yes, but will prob go back to Nars "Orgasm" blush next time....that stuff is too good). Keep in mind I've had all three of the aforementioned since end of 2014, and wear it daily. When you get good stuff, it really lasts.

Front left compartment: Anastasia brow pomade; Urban Decay eyeshadow; Nars eyeshadow; Origins night cream. When the pomade, eyeshadow and my eyeliner (next area) run out, I'll probably make a MAC eyeshadow quad with four colors that serve all those purposes, instead of having 3-4 separate products. The Origins night cream is soooooo good. Will definitely repurchase.

Middle small compartments: Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes; Loreal mascara; NYX eyeliner; Clinique nude lipstick; MAC "Ruby Woo" lipstick. The brushes are good, and are super durable. The mascara is okay, but I'll def try a new kind when that runs out. The eyeliner is going bye bye after I use it up (see above regarding MAC quad in the plans). I love having a nude and a bold lipstick option. The Clinique one is good, but I'll probably try something new next. The MAC "Ruby Woo" is bright red, and seriously worth every dime.

Back right compartment: My scent that I discovered on my trip to Vancouver/AK this past summer....L'eau d'Issey by Issey Miyake (read scent profile here - floral/ozonic/aquatic). I smelled it first with my mom while burning time in an airport duty free shop. It was love at first smell, but I didn't buy it. Then days later on the cruise ship, they had it in their duty free shop (for much cheaper). My aunt and cousin fell in love with it too there on the cruise ship. So we all three bought it, and the funny thing is - it smells a bit different on each person. I appreciate perfume so much - I'd gladly splash out for that above all else. Pun not intended.

Front right compartment: Lip balm, and watch/rings. The poodle is a ring holder, but you can barely see my rings hanging from the tail from this angle.

Monday, September 7, 2015

My current wardrobe and life prerogatives

It's been almost two months since I've been here typing in my little blog.

What's my excuse? I got a promotion at work. All work and no play makes Donna a dull girl.

Here are my wardrobe and life prerogatives of the moment:
  • Find balance in my life / enjoy the present more.
  • Keep a clean and streamlined home.
  • Exercise once a day / Go on walk during lunch breaks / Don't count calories, but make healthier choices - hoping to slowly lose 15-20lbs. In the past two years, it appears that I've gained the "Office Job 15". SAD FACE.
  • Own less makeup, but own nicer makeup/skincare products
  • Don't buy any new clothes/jewelry/shoes until 2016 - and then only net zero (one in, one out)

I did the "uniform" for a couple of months, and it was a fun experiment. But now that I've got a new position at work, I've been compelled to go back to dressing much nicer. I've moved back into my work wardrobe of black suit jacket, 3 dresses, a couple of nice blouses, and dress slacks. It's definitely a capsule wardrobe of older pieces, and I like it. I'm not replacing anything that wears out until 2016, so I'm running pretty lean at the moment.