Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What I'm packing in a carry on size: 10 days in Alaska and Vancouver

I'm preparing to embark on a 10 day journey to Vancouver and Alaska! Traveling light is one of my favorite ways to enjoy minimalism. While everyone else at the airport/hotel/train struggles with schlepping their gigantic multitudes of luggage, I can rest assured that I have enough, and it's not distracting from my enjoyment of the traveling process. I also now have Eagle Creek Packing Cubes, which supposedly revolutionize your packing life, so I look forward to giving those a go. I've watched quite a few entertaining YouTube videos on how people use these packing cubes to stay organized while traveling.

Here is a quick graphic of the essentials for my trip (not including socks, bras, electronics, and toiletries). I'll follow with a list below. Keep in mind that this is travel for pleasure, not business. The weather is supposed to be mild and sunny, but could get cold/windy/rainy. I plan to work out almost every day.

10 Day Alaska/Vancouver Packing List
For daily wear:
5 light wash chambray button up shirts
3 pairs of pants (skinny blue jeans, skinny black jeans, and skinny black trousers)
1 pair of black ankle boots
1 scarf
1 little black dress (for formal night and fancier dinners)
3 pieces of outerwear layering (lululemon base layer [not pictured - forgot!], mint colored fuzzy North Face mid layer, and black trench coat top layer)

For working out:
2 workout tank tops (one technical material, one cotton)
2 workout pants (one flared, one legging)
1 pair of running shoes

1 set of PJs
4 bras
10 undies
7 socks
(Also - Contemplating bringing a grey lounge-wear set, which could serve as a second pair of pjs)

So, you're probably asking yourself this question: What gives? I do re-wear pants a few times, unless they get something really dirty or spilled on them. I re-wear shirts once. I'll only wear the dress for two evenings, so that's okay to go twice without washing. I re-wear workout clothes quite a bit, and could give the tank tops a quick hand wash as needed. I also wear my pjs for several days before they need a wash. However, I have access to a laundry facility if I need it, but I think I have it planned so I don't absolutely have to use it. Good personal hygiene is key to making this work, and showering is IMPORTANT. I promise I don't stink, but please tell me if I do ;)

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