Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Spicing up my small wardrobe with a new accessory.

I'm no fashion blogger, but I do love a good bang for my buck, and practical way to look more dressed up without going all out in a tight pencil skirt and stiletto heels. While lately I've preferred more dainty jewelry, and have been sticking to my pared down collection of essentials - my uniform wearing has been the impetus for me to consider again the "statement necklace". Over the past couple of weeks in wearing my uniform almost daily, I've felt the need for something to make it look more put together and dressed up at work. I'm not wearing my standard chambray button up and black skinnies today in this pic because I had to do a presentation and look more formal (hence the blue dress from my capsule wardrobe). I don't feel that my style is "preppy", and I've always tried to avoid wearing pearls for this reason....however, I think wearing a cluster pearl necklace is a cooler way to do this ultimate biz-caz essential. The bigger the better, when it comes to pearl necklaces. Apparently, the bigger your pearl necklace, the closer you are to heaven?

This particular necklace is one I got from Target. I bought it in store, but found it listed online here for $30. I saw some similar necklaces like this at Target for less, but this one seemed more substantial and well-made than the cheaper alternatives. I also have looked at more expensive necklaces like this from Stella & Dot and J Crew, but for's not necessarily about buying the best quailty I can afford, but it's more about how much money do I want tied up in this fashion jewelry, and how durable and visually effective does this seem as compared to its competitors? I went with the low end of cost, but not the lowest end, as I didn't want something that I knew would break after a few wears. Consciously having less clothing makes me more aware and careful with my purchases, and most of the time, research and weighing my options gives me the best value and personal satisfaction when I invest in an addition, even if it's a small one like this gigantic pearl necklace.

We'll see how this holds up, but I'm really enjoying wearing this at work. If you get bored with your small collection of clothing, and feel like you need to change something, I think adding a different accessory is a good way to that.

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