Sunday, June 7, 2015

Clear bins for a streamlined fridge/ Another day in the uniform.

 I got a $50 gift card from work for doing some weekend testing of a new system we have upgraded to. They did not have to do that, but I thought that was a nice surprise. It was to bed bath & beyond, so I went by there today to scope out what I wanted to get. There are all sorts of directions I could have gone (monogrammed hand towels, anyone?), but in the end, I decided to go with something that will make the mundanity of opening my fridge enjoyable - clear fridge/freezer bins! I got four bins, which came out to a little over $50 - one double divider bin, one medium bin, and two narrow bins. I organized and cleaned our fridge, and I'm really thrilled with how much nicer and more functional the fridge storage space is with these "sections" put in. We store big jugs of stuff like milk, tea, oj, etc. in the door shelves, and fruit/veggies/meat/cheese in the built in drawers. But, for all the random condiments, yogurts, small items, jars, etc., these bins are perfect. I could see myself getting more over time. There's a large space on the middle shelve dedicated to any extra larger items that may come into our fridge (like boxed up leftovers).

My #uniformoftheday look is more casual, 'cause it's the weekend, and my afternoon consisted of hanging out on the patio watching my kids play in the backyard. I unrolled the sleeves, because I wanted to protect my skin from the mosquitoes. So far I'm diggin the uniform for casual use. I think I need to make it look a bit more formal for work wear, so I have a big pearl statement necklace I'll be debuting this week at work. Also, getting my heels repaired will help as well.

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