Saturday, June 6, 2015

Afternoon tea at my house. And thoughts on outrageous kid birthday parties.

I wanted to take a moment to share some pics of the mid-way point of prepping for afternoon tea! This ain't your proper English tea, but I did enough research to know that I had to serve cucumber sandwiches with the crust removed, thankyouverymuch.

My preschool aged daughter wanted a tea party for her birthday. We didn't think she was quite old enough to invite her friends from daycare, and frankly, I couldn't get it together enough in time to invite a bunch of friends over. We ended up doing this tea party with close family, and she loved it all the same. We don't have a tea party every day, so she was really able to enjoy the festivity. And, I always like to channel my ancestors and drink a nice cup of tea.

Where I live, it is becoming more customary to throw all out extravagant birthday parties for your kid each year. It's probably the same where you live, if you live in the 'burbs or major metropolitan areas. To each his own, but something inside me recoils at the thought of throwing a party where bounce houses, water play sets, petting zoos, pony rides, etc. are added to the mix. I know kids love it. I know it means you are effectively keeping up with the kardashians. I know I know I know. But, something about it, for my personally, feels very narcissistic. Maybe it's because throwing something huge like that would seem like a LOT of money to us right now. Maybe it's because I want my kids to stay grounded with their expectations of what mom and dad will splash out. I have no problem attending, or having my kids attend, extravagent birthdays. I don't have a problem with people who choose to celebrate this way.  But, it's not me. So I don't do it. My kids still have happiness in life, and they still get gifts and get to celebrate. I don't think I'm depriving my kids because I don't offer pony rides and hire princesses to entertain at their birthday time. It's just my style - #sorrynotsorry.

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