Saturday, June 6, 2015

A day in my uniform: Weekend Shoe Repair (both DIY and professional)

Hi All.

Today, the variation on my uniform is black stretchy yoga pants, black lacy sandals, hair pulled back and papaya-colored lipgloss.

My task of the day? Exploring shoe repair. I took my pair of heels to a shoe hospital, where the heels are being replaced for only $10! And here, I thought my shoes were good for nothing anymore. Lesson learned - get the heels replaced instead of buying a new pair of shoes.

For the other pair of shoes I took in, it was advised that I DIY it, as there wasn't anything they could really do to revive the particular issue in shop that I couldn't do just as well at home. I appreciated their honesty. Instead of spending $15 for a re-sew and still no chip off repair, I went to hobby lobby and bought the necessary materials for a FULL REPAIR for less than $8.
Tear along heel

Super glue, craft paint, and a paint brush to fix busted shoe with chipped toe cap and ripped ankle.

I am really pleased with how they turned out - not 100% perfect, but still blended in to where it's not too noticeable, and still wearable. It's a really nice pair of shoes, and almost brand new. I was gutted that one trip would put them under, but now, I can touch them up with paint and super glue as needed!


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