Monday, April 13, 2015

Project 333 Combo - Dressy with a twist

Part of my lifestyle is to live with a small wardrobe of items that I love and fit into my lifestyle. If you aren't familiar with Project 333, please go take a gander at the website. It's a way to do the minimal wardrobe lifestyle that makes a lot of sense, in my opinion. For the past year, I've been paring down my belongings, and in general, I have 30-40 items of clothing.

Most of my clothes are business casual/professional, which makes sense, because my week days are spent working in a corporate office. However, sometimes I have to make my more formal clothes transition to other purposes in my life, like social get togethers, parties, etc. where there is a different sort of look that's not quite business, not quite jeans/casual, and not churchy either.....

My answer to that scenario in my life, using my Project 333-ized closet selections, is this: dressy with a twist.

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