Saturday, April 18, 2015

Our guest bathroom/kids bathroom...imperfect, yet likeable enough.

This room is another lesson in being content with what you have for the time being; another example of a room in my house that I wish I could do a full out gut job/renovation on. We've already done a bit to this room...there used to be hideous shower glass sliding door on the bathtub, so my husband ripped that out and patched it up as soon as we bought the house. We needed to do that so we could give the kids baths! Also, the bathroom sink didn't work when we bought the house, and my husband fixed it with his hidden talent - plumbing skills! I'd like to put in a huge bath tub, new tiling, a better medicine cabinet, new lighting, and of course, new counter/sink console. But for now, my little decor/organizational touches will do until we can throw a ton of cash at this room.

We have 2 bathrooms in our house...this bathroom is the one our kids use, as well as the one that guests use. That is a bit of an odd combo, but I don't think it's unusual....I'm sure plenty of 2 bathroom families do the same. The challenge is that it has to be functional for the kids, yet look decent enough to make guests feel comfortable.

A nice shower curtain does great things for a bathroom. High impact, and not expensive. Our curtain came from Target. Adding in some decorative mirrors works well for when you have a bathroom without a window, that needs some extra light to reflect around. A mirrored bathroom tray further reflects some light, and provides a place to keep the scented oil diffuser as well as other bits and bobs. I got an acrylic counter top organizer (huge fan of these) to wrangle in all of the little hair accessories, brushes, a comb, and other frequently used items. Finally....a sizable plant will do the trick for making the space look not TOO kiddish. Plus, without a window as so many metal fixtures in the bathroom...I think adding a plant brings balance. I know nothing about feng shui, but I feel pretty zen in here despite it not being my favorite bathroom on the planet.

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