Saturday, April 11, 2015

My constant struggle: keeping kids clothing in check!

When you separate out all the clothes that don't work from the clothes that do, getting your little ones dressed every morning is so much less painful!!

Kids clothing is so difficult to keep streamlined. They are always growing, and they do need their wardrobes adjusted to the seasons, because they spend so much time playing outside at daycare and at home as well. Also - they wear out clothes pretty quickly, but not as quick as they outgrow them, it seems!

Here are some ways I make sure my kids closets aren't constantly overstuffed with clothes that don't fit, and aren't seasonally appropriate....

1. Keeping clothes in easy-access storage in their closets, that isn't too huge (having millions of tiny clothes wadded up in a gigantic dresser would probably not be conducive to maintaining a streamlined kids wardrobe?)
2. Taking inventory of kids clothing on a regular basis, and removing items that:
  • Don't fit
  • Aren't seasonally appropriate
  • Are stained, torn, or threadbare.
Once I've done this, it's easier for me to identify any gaps in their wardrobes to see what needs to be added in.

3. Having easy venues for the outcasts from step 2. They are as follow:
  • For clothes that don't fit or aren't wearable for the season (and won't fit by next time that season comes), I put them in an ongoing bag that I'll take to a resale shop when it fills up. The items that the resale shop won't take get donated.
  • For out of season clothes that will probably still fit by next cold/warm season, I store them in a separate area that isn't accessible and doesn't get mixed in with the other daily wear stuff.
  • For severely stained, torn, or worn out clothes - I throw them away or recycle if appropriate.
As you may know, I'm not one to hold onto physical belongings for sentimental reasons. I do have a couple of baby outfits from each of my kids that I keep in my "keepsake box", but I'm not holding onto kids clothes. They take up so much room, and I'm not planning to have any more kids, so there is simply no need to clutter my life with that.

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