Friday, March 13, 2015

My work week in Boston

The week is now over, and I'm back from a business trip to Boston. I was really just working working working in the Financial District, and walking to nearby restaurants late at night the entire time, so really did not get to see and experience much of the city, but what I did see I thought was great. I did get eat some squid ink pasta for the first time, and I developed a love for marinated olives.

Regarding my business trip clothes, I packed very light. I re-wore a few things from my suitcase. For this trip, I had to up my game a bit for my meetings, so I got two traditional button-down collar shirts, which replaced two tired old shirts (both lululemon shirts that I was using for both workout and daily is faded and jaded, the other has a stain. Both are just workout clothes now).

Also, for fear that my trench coat would not be sufficient for walking around in freezing temps, my friend kindly let me borrow her long wool coat before I left. It worked really well. This taught me that I need to invest in a true sub-freezing winter coat at some point...but the climate I live in lets me get away with not doing it.

When I travel, even if it's for business, I come back with a fresh perspective on my life. I don't often spend time alone, so perhaps that's part of it. Somehow trying new foods, seeing how people in other cities and states live, and fending for yourself on mini-adventures like sorting out public transport make you grow as a person. So mushy, but I'm starting to think that I love travel. However, I am glad that I don't need to travel often for work, because I miss my kids and my husband a lot when I'm gone, and I know it's hard on them.

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