Sunday, March 29, 2015

My minimal/imperfect home office, last minute inexpensive project 333 additions, and my new, therapeudic hobby...

Coming off of a great weekend, there are three topics on my mind that I feel like writing about, all related to livin' the life:

1. My minimal and imperfect home office
2. Two last minute (very inexpensive - yay) project 333 additions/substitutions
3. My new hobby which was an insta-mood boost this weekend.

This photo is a bit grainy, sorry....but here is my home office, where I work one day a week. This is far from how it would look if I had everything my way, but I have to say that I like and appreciate the imperfection as it is now. I do actually find it to be a peaceful place to work. I have to work in a clean, clutter free space. I don't keep my laptop or anything else work-related here when I'm not working. Just a lamp and a vase/flowers that I love. The desk is an antique passed down from my mother in law. I'm planning to give it a nice makeover (thinking opaque white paint/finish, shiny mercury glass drawer pulls), but I have no time at the moment. Also, the chair is horrific. It's ugly. It doesn't work. It's not comfortable. But it'll do for now, because we are allocating our resources elsewhere. I do, however, love the artwork. I worked with my toddler daughter to paint the two on the sides with ink and watercolor, and the huge one in the middle is an IKEA product that I lusted after for years, until we finally bought it (a floor model on discount, as they were discontinued).

This weekend I spent some of my cash on two wardrobe items that I'm swapping out. This is part of my experiment on having cheaper, albeit less-quality items. The scarf was $14 at Target, and the shoes were on steep discount at $16 from a nearby outlet mall. However, I really like both, and was very critical in searching for them. I don't feel as "invested" money wise in them, so I'm hoping that if they get worn down or broken, I won't be as upset. Though, these may be like my sunglasses, and impress me with their longevity and versatility, despite how cheap they are.

Anyway, the sandals I got to replace my old birkenstocks. I wore the birkenstocks with a dress to church a couple of weekends ago, and I seriously felt like I looked like a dumpy old lady. I thought, I have to get some sandals that look cooler and aren't so grubby. The scarf came from my realization that I needed a lightweight, chiffon-like scarf for spring/summer. My purple one is heavy, and was getting's not even full out heat here yet, so that was my cue.

When our kids went to spend the morning with the grandparents, my husband was going to go out to mow and edge the lawn. I asked if there was something that I could help him with (looking for ways to be somewhat "active" and outdoors)....and behold, there was indeed! He delegated weeding and cleaning out dead plants or overgrowth in the various planters and flower beds to me. This is the first time it's been done since we moved in in November.

I hate to admit - I've never had to do yard work before, but I did take horticulture in college, so I know a thing or two about plants. My husband gave me a pair of work gloves, let me borrow his pants to wear, and left me with a slew of various tools. I was out there gardening for three hours! And I loved every minute of it! While it wasn't the funnest aspect, in that I was more "cleaning" instead of cultivating and planting, I found working with my hands and being outside to give me a massive mood boost! We have a shitload (pardon my french) of mint growing on the side yard planter (it's pictured above, but that's only a small's all along the side). After I was finished I grabbed a few leaves and put some in my iced water. I pruned some bushes and small trees. I removed an aloe vera plant from our mailbox area, and replanted it in a more desirable location. I did lots of shoveling and weed-pulling.

I'm looking forward to doing more gardening next weekend. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Removing a half-dead, rather large plant that I didn't have time to get from the front and planting several large pink rose bushes are in the plans so far.

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