Monday, March 23, 2015

Casual to Boardroom, Baby. Project 333 Wardrobe Combos for Work

My work environment is biz caz, as is the case with many of us corporate folk! I go through phases of wanting to dress up or down, but overall, I dress for what is going on at work. I'm no CEO, so when I say "boardroom", I may physically be in a literal boardroom, but it's not like I'm trying to land a deal or something. On the flip side, Fridays are jeans days where I work. Therefore, in the course of one week, you'll see me all dressed up fancy, wearing jeans, and then yoga pants on my work from home day.

Here are some ways I combine my existing wardrobe of approximately 34 items (see project 333 for more info) to work it for a dynamic work week...

  1. Casual - When jeans and flats are appropriate at work! Yay! I try to make sure my jeans don't have any holes/rips, and also stay away from sneakers or strappy sandals when I'm doing the casual thing at work.
  2. Business Casual - The corporate uniform, y'all. This is like, I drag myself to the coffee machines and click snooze on my outlook calendar reminders. But, I try to make it look like I care, because I do my dear.
  3. Professional - When I have regular face to face meetings, this is what I dress like. I've really loved wearing dresses...I feel they make me look more formal, but surprisingly not overly feminine. Just pulled together and polished.
  4. Boardroom - When I have to present to big groups of people, tend to something quite serious, or when I know I'll be highly visible. Buttoned up blazer, collared dress shirt, and pants signify the most formal look, to me. This is not often, in my position, but I think the higher you get, the more you have to dress like this.

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