Friday, February 20, 2015

Work clothes haul! Replacing some items.

I've learned that when you have few clothes, it is so important to go shopping in person when you can, because you can meticulously inspect the quality and fit prior to purchasing. I was more of an online shopper for awhile, but I've realized that's not worth the vast selection for me...I'm more likely to forgive quality issues if I am trying to avoid paying return shipping or going to the effort to return. Not good. So when I needed to replace some items I got to return due to quality issues, I made myself go in person to shop for replacements.

I had success at Nordstrom Rack this time 'round!

1. Light aqua sweater cardigan. I know this one is a hit because I find myself wanting to wear it every single day. And I pretty much do, lately. And....hello, color!

2. Black skinny jeans. These are a brand I've never tried before, but I thought they fit well and were on a steep discount: Paige Denim. This brings my jeans total to 2. I like these, because I can make them look dressy and could possibly pass them as biz caz if I needed to...

3. Suit pants. Was in dire need of these. Calvin Klein is the brand of my suit jacket from 8 years ago that I still wear today, and these pants are the same brand and same material - SCORE.

4. These are black work slacks as well, but they are a wider leg cut and more of a silky, lightweight material. Perfect for summer, but I've been wearing them in the cold too, and they work.

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