Sunday, February 15, 2015

My jewelry collection and minimalism.

On the 0-10 spectrum of ultra-minimalist (0) to hoarder (10), I'd say I'm at a 3 out of 10 on my jewelry collection. I am working toward a collection of jewelry that is right for me, with little to no excess. The great thing about jewelry is that it doesn't take up a lot of physical space, so having a little bit of a collection isn't that heavy. If I ever have a weak spot for hanging onto anything at all, it's definitely jewelry. While I go back and forth between liking bold costume jewelry versus dainty pieces, I've found that I now place more value on higher quality items. Quality over quantity, for sure. Of course, my daily wear collection does have a few inexpensive items (but still high quality, and really beloved by me), and my "heirloom" keepsake collection has a couple of pieces with little monetary value as well....but it's not so much about the price as it is how much you use it or value it for historical purposes. However, I have to be careful with that very last starts to sound like an episode of Hoarders...ha.

After going through all my jewelry today, there were five categories. I will go into detail on the contents of the first two down below.

1. Stuff to wear on a regular basis, 
2. Stuff that I don't wear, but has monetary or sentimental value (the key here is something that could be valuable to my kids someday).
3. Stuff that I don't wear any more, but would be able to sell (in the process now)
4. Stuff to give away - to friends, friends' teenage daughters, or whoever would wear it or appreciate it more often.
5. Stuff that has unfortunately broken and can't really be should be recycled or disposed of.

I have pics of the first two categories:

Jewelry I wear on a regular basis (10 items)

1. Pearl necklace (wedding gift from husband) 2. Citrine James Avery silver birthstone necklace (gift from husband) 3. Fossil rose gold watch (5 year anniversary gift from husband) 4. Large iridescent Kendra Scott studs 5. Tiny diamond studs (bought first trip to St. Maarten) 6. Gold college ring 7. Wedding ring and engagement ring 8. Kendra Scott iridescent cuff 9. Rose gold titanium Caribbean Hook bangle (birthday gift from parents; bought during second trip in St. Maarten) 10. Stella and Dot "Devon layering necklace".
Jewelry I store in my keepsake bag (to pass onto kids?)
1. Crystal earrings and necklace (wore this on my wedding day) 2. Green rose necklace and earrings (1st dating anniversary gift from husband) 3. Rings - high school class ring, and my original wedding rings 4. Pearl earrings (wedding gift from husband - too delicate and snaggy to wear daily) 4. Amber teething necklace worn by my son as a baby 5. Bulova diamond watch my dad got for his 25 year company anniversary (I need to get it fixed - it started lagging the time) 6. James Avery silver charm bracelet I had a kid 7. Black coral heart pendant; gold chain (coral heart husband bought me from Passman in St. Thomas, gold chain was my mom's) 8. James Avery silver plumeria earrings 9. University of Patras pin (went there during study abroad in Greece) 10. Random koi charm that "swims" (had this since college and can't let go of

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