Saturday, February 14, 2015

In honor of Diva Cup experience.

In a previous post about the contents of my small purse, I alluded to my use of a diva cup. I decided that despite the personal nature of the topic, I'd like to go into a bit more detail about how I started using the diva cup, and what my general experience with it has been. If you are a lady with an open mind about that time of the month, then read on!

Before I get started, I want to mention that Diva Cup is a brand of menstrual cup - a reusable medical-grade silicon cup worn internally to collect menstrual flow. You can buy these online, at Whole Foods, or other natural health product boutiques. This brand has two sizes: one for pre-childbirth and one for post-childbirth. You only have to empty and rinse it off when you wake up in the morning and before bed at night.

To give a bit of personal history....

Before having kids, I had very light and short periods. After my first baby, I never got a postpartum period due to breastfeeding and subsequently getting pregnant with baby #2 while 8 months postpartum. After my second baby was born, I got a copper IUD (paragard) "installed" - LOL, like I'm a car or something. While I love the reliability, effortlessness, and lack of hormones that the copper IUD offers, with it came PERIODS FROM HELL. This is a common occurrence with copper IUDs. Thankfully it wasn't until 6 months after I got it put in that I even started having these periods, delayed again due to breastfeeding.

How I arrived at the diva cup solution....

With the heavy periods, I was literally changing my feminine products out every hour or two all day long. And ladies, I'm talking the super ultra ones. This was highly inconvenient and unrealistic for my lifestyle. I was like, I either have to get this copper IUD taken out (which I strongly didn't want because hormonal birth control makes me psychotic), or I have to find some solution to this insanity. After a very quick google search, I discovered the diva cup. Frankly, it weirded me out at first, and it took a couple more months of periods from hell before I actually decided to try it out. I bought the post-childbirth sized one from Whole Foods. I felt kind of bad for the poor cashier guy who completed my transaction. But then again, after giving birth, nothing really makes you shy or squeamish regarding "down there" any more. No embarrassment on my end.

My experience with the diva cup, at first....

The diva cup comes with pretty easy instructions on how to use, and there is tons of advice posted online if you google. However, when it comes down to it, it's a very personal thing regarding getting the correct fit and ensuring that the seal is there. This is what I struggled with the most, at first. On the days where I got it to fit well, I absolutely loved it, thought it was comfortable, etc.. However, leaking was a big issue because I thought I put it in correctly, but come to find out later on....not so much. I actually got so frustrated with the lack of reliability that I had to take a couple months' break from trying to use it.

Then...success! Being a woman just got easier!

After taking a couple of months off, somehow it just clicked. I figured out the exact right way to use it that works for me, and now it's fairly obvious to me immediately if the seal needs to be corrected. I absolutely recommend this product for any woman who isn't afraid to get a little up close and personal. It's not that gross or scary after you just try it out. What I love about it the most is being about to just "forget" that it's that time of the month for my entire day, aside from the chocolate cravings and road rage. Not having to ensure a constant supply of disposable feminine products and "having" to worry with bringing my purse everywhere I go is a freeing feeling.


  1. I have the same "set-up." Periods from hell included. On my heavy days I use LunaPads as a back up, too. They offer me security at work since I don't have the space or opportunity to empty my cup, unfortunately.

    Have you run into any trouble with your IUD strings? I always worry about them when taking my cup out.

    1. I haven't had any issues myself....though I'm a little extra careful, especially when removing the cup, just because I'd like to avoid any chance of the IUD being suctioned out inadvertently. I'm not sure how likely this would be, but it does cross my mind.

  2. I HATE pads and tampons! I think they're gross, wasteful, and uncomfortable. I've been considering this option for a while now. I think I'm going to have to give this a go now that someone I know (in elementary and junior high at least :) has tried it and approves.

  3. Take the plunge! Lol.....I can't make any promises, but after quite some time, I can admit that I like the diva cup as compared to the tampons/pads option.