Saturday, February 21, 2015

De-cluttering and organizing office supplies and odds & ends.

The dreaded kitchen "junk" drawer. The entry way closet where miscellaneous items go to die. They don't have to be the bane of your minimalist existence!

My little weekend project was to get those two areas up and running to be functional and de-cluttered. We just had a bunch of leftover furniture assembly parts in our entry way closet, as well as some bags of items to take to Goodwill. Our kitchen junk drawer was getting quite junky indeed. I decided these areas would be the perfect place for storing necessary office and art supplies. We don't have that many office/art supplies (really, just the right amount to get us by), so merging them with the entry way closet was a great choice for us because otherwise, that great storage space in our house wouldn't really get any use. It's a good central location for storing that kind of stuff, too...especially for when the kids get older and need access to it.

My first step in de-cluttering and organizing is to pour everything out into a giant pile. We still had all our office supplies in a cardboard box from the move, and it was getting frustrating trying to do admin work with the supplies out of that box....
Using this plastic set of drawers, zip loc bags, a few labels and a sharpie, I sorted out our office and art supplies. You don't have to shell out a ton of cash to get organized. I did end up throwing away quite a bit of old items, like dried up liquid paper and packaging that wasn't needed any longer after I placed items into more compact zip loc bags.
#minimalistproblems - we have more kitchen cabinet/drawer space than we need. Two drawers in our kitchen are a bit of an "office supply/household item" extension. The one on the left has pads of paper (for jotting down quick notes), a tin box of push pins, and a tin box of markers/pens. The drawer on the right has scented wax melts that we use all the time, a lighter, flashlight, tape, scissors, clippers, kleenex, and a coupon we plan to use.

I set the office supply drawers in the entry way closet, and used two cloth bins on the shelf above for 1. umbrellas (either when guests arrive with wet umbrellas, and also to store ours) and 2. batteries, lightbulbs, hooks, miscellaneous household items. We hung the diaper bag/backpack we use when we go on long outings with the kids on a hanger to keep it easily accessible.


  1. That closet looks good! So neat and simple. I'm feeling inspired.

  2. Your tips are quite brilliant. I believe all of us have those junk drawers you speak about along with other clutter that needs to find its home. I like the fact that you use common things around the house to help you organize all your stuff and use clever techniques to keep them organized in the future.

    Frank George @ Dutch Hollow Supplies