Sunday, January 25, 2015

One nail polish to rule them all.

I used to have a collection of about four or so nail polishes, but I've been able to whittle that down to ONE nail polish color to serve my needs.'s very demure and work-appropriate (and wedding-appropriate, whether for getting married or attending). Trust me, if I did not work in corporate, I'd be wearing something like Jade Imperial or pitch black all day, every day.

However, my reality calls for a color that says: corporate week days, toddler mom evenings/weekends, and scandalous nights. LOL JK. But not really. This color can be sexy too.

My one and only polish is...."Ballet Slippers" by Essie. It's a milky, slightly sheer light nude/pink. I love this look, because it gives a "light" look to your nails, which makes them look manicured well, even if you have stubby nails like I do. It's the same amazing feeling I get when wearing white nail polish, but this is a bit more sophisticated. I did this look for years with Essie's "Topless & Barefoot", but I found that color to be more beige than white/pale pink, so perhaps better suited for more olive skintone. "Ballet Slippers" is a nude option that works well with my cool undertones and pale coloring.

It's a very similar color to Essie's award-winning "Mademoiselle", but more opaque. Mademoiselle was way too sheer for was essentially a clear coat, so I wasn't going to jump on that bandwagon. However, "Ballet Slippers" is in Essie's core lineup, and is one of their highest selling polishes.

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