Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One in, one out! Netting zero in your closet.

I had my story and perspective on family size and # of kids all typed up...but then I realized it was just too personal and could come across in a way that isn't intended without tons of careful wording and I axed it. Now onto one of my favorite topics, which is much lighter.

I have two recent instances of "one in, one out" concept in my closet. It sure does see a lot of movement, despite my intentional effort to keep it stable.
  1. This weekend, I was gathering items I'd placed in bags for a clothing drive for the Women's Shelter. When I read that there was an emphasis on "winter wear - coats, hats, etc." I decided to part ways with my thick wool yarn scarf that I crocheted. I thought it would be nice to donate, and I still have the purple scarf I bought in Greece for my own uses. On the flip side, when I opened up the bags I had earmarked for "donate", I noticed a turquoise sleeveless shirt from last year that I was going to let go of that perhaps could help fill my color void (see previous post) I brought it back in. One in, one out. And no $$ spent.
  2. Now, this second one did have to have a wad of cash dropped...but still net zero as far as possessions go. I recently realized that my nude heels had white scuff marks all over the outside where the "patent" material was flaking off. Trashy, and frankly, unacceptable when these are my only pair of professional footwear. So I went shoe shopping at Nordstrom Rack and scored some really nice shoes on steep discount, to replace the nude heels. They are high quality, very "me", and look professional (my husband interpreted them as sexy, but I think they are still office appropriate per the low heel...). I have to say that when you maintain a more minimal wardrobe, buying shoes is so much different than before. You evaluate them on a whole other level...when you have one pair of shoes that has to do so much in your life, it gives shoe shopping more of a business-minded perspective. But it's still fun! And I have to say...wearing these heavily calculated, bad ass new shoes still feels just as good as if they were an impulse purchase in the old days.

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