Thursday, January 1, 2015

My hypothetical luxury capsule wardrobe...and thoughts on minimal dressing in general.

Happy new year! My goal this year, as I've mentioned in a post before, is to whittle down our debt and start building savings per Dave Ramsey's 7 baby steps. We are well on our way, but I have to's hard to not spend your money, but really nice to take a look at the end of the month and see that it hasn't evaded you mysteriously like it has in the past...

If you are like me, and 1.) enjoy browsing/planning your next investment piece and 2.) have "champagne tastes on a beer budget", then you may relate to me on this next topic.

Even since beginning to really keep a "minimal" wardrobe (and all belongings in general), I've put more of a focus on what I'm bringing into my life and investing my money in. I ask myself, "does this add enough value for the price I'd be paying?", "is this something that will wear out quickly?", and most important, "do I really love this item?" It makes me see the value in saving up for that really high quality, perfect item instead of trying various cheaper or not quite right substitutions. With that being said, I'll be lucky to just keep the items I currently have alive during this year without having to replace anything, being on a tight budget and whatnot....

If you have an itch to express your creativity, but don't have the means or priority of purchasing investment pieces for yourself in the present state, I suggest planning your "ideal future state". This gives you something to think about should the time arise that you make an investment purchase that will last you years and years. And even if you never plan to actually buy, it could be a fun way to get creative.

And, here is my hypothetical luxury capsule wardrobe. These are all items I've always admired over the years (damn you, expensive taste!). I'd honestly be happy with just this handful of stuff to wear over and over throughout the days instead of my entire current collection of clothing. Some of these items aren't actually that insanely priced, but some of them certainly ARE.

1. and 2. Theory shirt and blouse...this brand is minimal, but amazing quality and great fit. I've heard it's a great place to find timeless work shirts.
3. Hermes silk scarf. Gorgeous, and hundreds of unique prints - a work of art that you can wear.
4. David Yurman citrine cuff bracelet. Long time love from afar for me...I always notice when someone is wearing one.
5. DVF wrap dress. Solid weight, well fitted, and long enough. Also, the reputation for being the best wrap dress on the planet is there as well.
6. Burberry trench coat. Sign me up.
7. True Religion skinny black jeans. My one and only pair of blue jeans is True Religion (purchased on sale at half off, though!). Still quite pricey, but these seem to fit me better than any other kind I've tried. I'd love to have a black pair like this someday.
8. Modalu "Pippa" bag. Pippa Middleton carries this kind (was named after her), and I am slightly obsessed with Pippa Middleton, so yeah...
9. Ferragamo clutch wallet on a chain.
10. London Sole ballet flats
11. Ash boots - actually a more recent discovery...
12. Ferragamo nude pumps. I've realized nude pumps are my work wardrobe essential. It would be amazing to have such a high quality pair....the $40 ones I bought a few months ago are already showing significant signs of wear, since I do wear them every single day. It would hardly be worth it to get a $40 pair of shoes repaired, but I can see getting a $400 pair of shoes and keeping them for years (decades?), with a repair job in order ever so often. Especially if they are your only ones, people!

As you can see, I'm not big on logo items. Louis Vuitton monogram and the like is not quite my cup of tea. I have admired these particular brands/items primarily because of the design and the quality. If you see and feel them in person, you can really tell.

Okay, back to reality now...Cheers to 2015 being the year of frugality! Maybe when I've achieved some financial goals, I'll look into investing in one of these luxury goods.

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