Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Current Wardrobe: 35 items, not counting jewelry, etc.

 2015 is the year of being more frugal, being on a written budget, and starting the Dave Ramsey "7 Baby Steps" program. After keeping a pared down wardrobe for several months now, I've learned a lot about what works for me, and what doesn't. The important thing is that I buy the best that I can afford, and maintain a streamlined collection to reap the benefits of having a more minimal lifestyle. I am crossing my fingers that this collection keeps me good all year without having to buy very many (if any) additional pieces.

I'll be trying to find new ways to mix and match my pieces, so stay tuned for some adventures in that! For more info on minimizing your wardrobe, check out Project 333, which is what really inspired me to start doing this.

Here is my wardrobe as it stands today, not including undergarments, jewelry, pjs, and workout clothes. However, some of these are actually Lululemon pieces that also double as workout gear (striped shirt, black pullover, grey tank top, geometric print tank top). I plan to use this all year...and replace stuff on an as-needed basis (like, if it either stops fitting or gets worn to shreds). Most of these are things I've had for months and years....but I've added in an ever so slight bit of neutral color variation in here in the past couple of months, with a business suit I've had for years, and a few recent acquisitions (brown skinny trousers, blush blouse, cognac faux leather jacket, cognac leather flats). The collection below is just enough to get me looking professional at my 9-to-5, and give me some down to earth options for my off time.

I'll list each item below. Please note that many of these photos are photos of the actual items I have, and some are look-alikes that I found online to make this collage.

  1. Cognac faux leather jacket - This was a birthday gift, and I love the color and look. Great way to add some color while maintaining versatility.
  2. Black blazer - Same one I've had for 7+ years
  3. Navy blazer - Part of my 3 piece business suit
  4. Grey open front cardigan
  5. Black button up cardigan
  6. Light grey casual pullover sweater
  7. Printed tunic blouse
  8. Striped long sleeve shirt
  9. Black long sleeve shirt
  10. Blush tie front blouse
  11. Black pullover
  12. Dark grey tank top
  13. Geometric print tank top
  14. White cami
  15. Black cami
  16. Tan shorts
  17. Sunglasses
  18. Black leather belt
  19. Grey chunky crochet circle scarf - I made this myself! See posts from a few days ago for more info and pics
  20. Purple pashmina shawl/scarf - Bought this in Nafplion, Greece during my study abroad in college
  21. Grey slacks
  22. Brown skinny trousers
  23. Navy trousers - Part of my 3 piece business suit
  24. Black slacks
  25. Skinny jeans - True Religion is the brand that fits me really well, and is very well made. If you only have one pair of jeans - make them good!! #minimalisttruthbomb
  26. Navy pencil skirt - Part of my 3 piece business suit
  27. Black kate spade quilted leather mini bag on a chain strap
  28. Rose gold fossil wallet
  29. Black dress
  30. Black trench coat
  31. Black ankle boots
  32. Black cognac leather ballet flats - I was so inspired by the color of my jacket that I got my new pair of flats to match, after I finally wore a hole in my leopard flats.
  33. Nude pumps - I can't do higher than a 3 inch heel, which is what these are. I wear these every day at work.
  34. Black birkenstock sandals
  35. Longchamp le pliage large tote bag - I love this thing...very useful for carrying work stuff. The corners got worn a few months ago, and Longchamp repaired it for free.
 Anything that I've posted in previous wardrobe updates has either been donated (if I found it wasn't working for me any more), sold (if it was a name brand item), or thrown out (if totally worn out). It's a journey, but thankfully I'm not trying hold onto things that simply don't work or aren't in a condition that I can tolerate. Being able to ditch things like that allows you to focus on what does work, and frees up space in your life.

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