Monday, January 12, 2015

My "consumable product" philosophy.

My makeup and skincare stuff.."one of each" has avoided my bathroom becoming a half-used product graveyard. My pantry is turned and burned with fresh items fairly quickly. My fridge even more so.
They say variety is the spice of life....and I believe that. But not as much when it comes to physical belongings. And especially not when it comes to consumables (i.e. items you use up, eat, drink, etc.) My philosophy on consumables is "one of each" a time.

In other words, have and use one of the product, use it up, and then either repurchase or try something else (depending on your feelings).

I've been experimenting with inventory levels of all consumables of mine for over two years, from makeup to tea to other groceries. I've learned that only keeping "one of each" type of product drastically simplifies life, frees up space (both physical and mental), and the turn and burn gets fired up...allowing you to fully enjoy the item in question, and then try another. No one (including myself) can perfectly adhere to this, but striving toward it and achieving it 80% of the time has proven effective in my life.

Advantages of "one of each" in consumables
  1. Focus on quality, more intentional about which item is chosen to be "the one"
  2. Less waste - ensures product is used up
  3. Simplifies the activity in which you consume the product. Getting ready is easier. Choosing something to eat is easier.
  4. Frees up physical space - not losing the dreaded "multiples" underneath heaps of other "multiples"
  5. Discipline -gives you the character-building (lol) benefit of staving off instant gratification (of constantly purchasing new items)
Disadvantages of "one of each" in consumables
  1. Sometimes, you just want to be able to choose! (wearing red nail polish one day, pink the next, etc.)
  2. Different variations have different purposes. I get this one, but we have to be careful, or we will have piles of unnecessary "multiples"!
  3. You are kind of married to whichever product you chose to be "the one" until you've used it up.
  4. Self-inflicted discipline over something so seemingly insignificant makes no sense.

Take it or leave it....but before you leave it, please do give it a try. I've really enjoyed trying to do the "one of each" philosophy for as many consumables as possible. It has resulted in a naturally clutter free and organized bathroom and kitchen. The advantages have been more powerful to me than the disadvantages.

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