Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Finding your "signature scent"

1. My inexpensive perfume choice to give me time to save for my true love (B&BW "Country Chic" - please look past the tacky name) 2. Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay sample 3. Diptyque Oyedo sample 4. Diptyque Do Son sample

If you are like me, and love perfume/scents/smelly good items, or if you are completely new to the topic, I think it's an interesting one to explore when you are looking at new ways to enjoy life without accumulating clutter.

Throughout my teen, college, and now adult life, I've enjoyed wearing perfume. Different stages in my life have been marked by different scents...

High School - Wore either Clinique "Happy" or Lucky Brand perfume given to me as a gift.
College - Wore a custom mix roll-on perfume from Bath Junkie. The scents I mixed were Mandarin Orange and Fresh Air. I loved that smell (reminds me of my study abroad in Greece), and I wonder if Bath Junkie still exists, and if they still have those scents...
Post College - I've been wearing lotion and spray called "Carried Away" by Bath & Body Works. I mainly wore this while I was pregnant with my daughter, so when I smell this, it reminds me of expecting my first baby (the calm before the storm, lol).
Grad School, and Lately - I've been sampling a variety of different perfumes...which brings me to my next point...

 Now that I'm more of a grown up (27 is grown up enough to say that, I believe), I've been on a bit of a fun journey trying to find the perfect perfume. I want to find my new "signature scent" to take me into the next phase of my life, now that I've gotten past grad school, starting my first job, having my two babies, buying our house, and all these changes that have happened in my life.

Here are some things I've been doing that have helped me....
1. Figure out what "notes" you gravitate toward. Fruity, floral, green, woody, spicy, musky, clean, citrus, etc. I personally love citrus, and always have.
2. Smell lots of different brands and scents within those brands. Sephora and Nordstrom are great places to start with smelling around.
3. Get samples of your very favorites. Perfume will develop differently on each person's body, so it's very important, before making your final purchase, that you sample the perfume to see how it develops on your body. It may smell totally different on you after a couple of hours than it does in the seconds after it's been sprayed. Don't be shy about asking for a sample - this is normal.

And here is my conclusion!

I have smelled tons of perfumes, and I have sampled four over the past several months that have really stood out to me. The good news is that I've discovered my signature scent, and I love it/will purchase it eventually! The bad news is that it's a quite pricey, so I will need to save up some cash before I make it mine. All my spending cash has gone toward my upcoming trip, but soon I'll be able to save up for some fancy perfume.

Without further ado, here are the perfumes I've closely considered:

1. Jo Malone "Blackberry and Bay" - I absolutely loved the way this one smelled with the initial spray and about the first 10 minutes or so on my body. Green and fresh, with a strong blackberry note as well as a bit of grapefruit. However, it was one that I'm so glad I sampled for awhile, because it developed really strangely on me, and I was left smelling a bit too "sterile", with very little of the amazing smells I got at first, if that makes any sense. This fragrance is very popular with lots of people (per my research), so perhaps my body chemistry just didn't agree with this one.

2. Diptyqe "Do Son" - Diptyque is a french brand that has an amazing reputation, and they certainly lived up to it when I went to smell the products at Nordstrom. Probably the most amazing smells I've experienced. Do Son reminds me of fresh honeysuckle (though it's really tuberose, orange leaves, pink peppercorns, etc.), and is a really nice scent.

3. Diptyque "Oyedo" - THIS IS THE ONE FOR ME!! It is like my college "mandarin orange/fresh air" scent, but more grown up. I will save up for this, as a 100 ML bottle is $125 - but that should last a very long time once I do eventually get to purchase it. It smells of strong citrus (oranges), and named after the ancient name of Tokyo "Edo". When I smell this, my mood is lifted. When I wear it, I feel like it's very me, and also not too sweet. It's got a warm/woody base note.

4. Bath and Body Works "Country Chic" - Please look past the awful name...that was the first thing I had to do. After recalibrating my mind, I found that I really liked this scent. Unlike most Bath and Body Works fragrances, this one isn't sickeningly sweet...to me, it seems more complex and a bit more grown up than most of their stuff. Of course I love the citrus (lemon), and after awhile it dries down to a light floral with a hint of citrus remaining. This one was on sale for $15, so I went ahead and purchased it to use in the mean time, while I save up my pennies for the one I really love.

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