Saturday, December 27, 2014

Take a creative journey with me...

I am a painter in my spare time. In fact, I used to have a little side-business doing that for awhile, until I started grad school and then started my job. I don't have much time for painting these days, and back when I did paint, they were very quick pieces...just a few hours start to finish. However, like many things in my life now, I'm thinking that approaching my art should take more time and consideration...spending more time to create something intricate and well-planned. Also, my new ideal is using the highest quality canvas and paints to create with. I'd rather spend my time and resources creating one extremely high quality, well-expressed piece than many quick and relatively thoughtless ones. This brings me to my next project...

We just bought our house, and what is missing from our living room is a focal point...and I want this focal point to be a painting that I do myself. However, this house is going to be our "forever house" as we stand today, so I want this piece to be an enduring painting that stands the test of time, color changes, design styles, and also, I want it to be a self-expression...something that allows my house guests to peer into my soul. 

This will be an interesting process from start to finish, so I thought I'd document  it here on the blog from concept to hanging above my fireplace. It will take a long time, partly because I want to spend that extra time being intentional and thoughtful, but!

Here's where I want it to go. Please note, we do have a mantle, but need to bolt it down to the wooden mantle rests that are pictured.

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