Thursday, December 4, 2014

My DIY long bob haircut....

Buying our first house wouldn't feel like a major life event unless I chopped off all my hair in a DIY fashion. I tend to do this coinciding with all my major life events...graduations, studying abroad, getting married (chopped off hair on day 2 of honeymoon, actually), after having both babies, etc. In fact, I rarely ever visit a salon to tend to my hair. Reason being, I feel that for the time and money spent, I can get a good enough result at home on my own. Last August, I got a professional haircut and (EXPENSIVE) highlights done for my graduation from grad school. I can't get it in me to go to the salon for touch ups, so I'm favoring a more low-maintenance, natural look. The remnants of my highlights from last year are on their way out, and I'm digging my natural hair color and free haircut.

Want to try a DIY long bob haircut to spice up your major (or run-of-the-mill) life events? I followed the instructions on this YouTube video, and I found them to be super simple and essentially fool-proof. Check it out here..."Long bob haircut" by PatryJordan.

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