Monday, December 15, 2014

Minimalism as a financial tool in 2015...and Dave Ramsey

The clothes capsule and home decor stuff I have now is the only thing I'll be using in 2015, but this minimalism is more about financial goals than "simplifying" for the sake of a streamlined life. So project 333 for me will be more like project 365....ha. I have added a few things to my wardrobe, as well as ridden myself of a few things as well, so I will try to make an updated post on that, for funsies.

We have started on our 2015 resolution early- start the Dave Ramsey plan (7 baby steps...Google it for more info). Monday nights are our budget meetings. Here is a pic of our first meeting, where we sat down to form our goals, action plan, and budget.

After buying our house (and taking responsibility for a lovely mortgage) my husband and I have a strong desire to rid ourselves of any and all debt we have as well as saving a full emergency fund, so that we can focus our lives on building wealth and huge giving in a couple of years once we get past baby steps 2 (debt snowball) and 3 (fully funded emergency savings). We are pretty much "normal" Americans, with pretty good income but a few debts. We knocked out both our credit cards last week and have put them to their graves. That was a fabulous feeling.

So in year 2015, my #1 prerogative  is to put any disposable income possible toward our debt snowball. With the exception of my Vancouver/Alaska trip, which was already planned, like, a year ago. Lol- throws a bit of a fun detour in.

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