Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Makeup I use every day....

I wear make up every single day. 5 days out of the week, it's full face. Everything done up. This is mainly due to the work setting I'm at every day (no, I'm not a dancer - I wish). I really do enjoy makeup, but I am not one of those people that likes to hoard (ahem, collect) it. I prefer to have the stuff I really like that works for me, and wear it every day until it runs dry, at which point I either repurchase (if I liked the product) or try something new (if I was "meh" about the product). Recently I've been experimenting with some drugstore stuff (whole foods brand, namely), but as it's run out, I've replaced it with some items I like even more. I'm digging my current makeup menu....and my makeup discovery of 2014 is....DO YOUR EYEBROWS! That is probably the single most impactful thing, and it honestly never occurred to me until I started watching youtube beauty channels (favorite channels are here and here) and tried it out myself.

Drug store items I use:
1. Physicians Formula Organic CC Cream (color: Light) - can get at the grocery store.
2. Loreal True Match Foundation (color: Soft Ivory - I could prob go down a shade here)
3. Loreal Telescopic mascara
4. Maybelline unstoppable waterproof eye liner

Fancy items I use:
1. Anastasia dip brow pommade (color: taupe)
2. Clinique powder (color: Stay Buff)
4. Tarte blush (color: Blissful)
5. Tarte bronzer (color: Park Avenue Princess)
6. Nars eye shadow (color: Kuala Lumpur)
7. Too Faced melted lipstick (color: Melted Peony)

As you can see, I mix it up with cheap vs. higher priced items when it comes to makeup. I guess I splash out where I see value. In my experience, the higher quality brands like those in the second list tend to last me a loooooonnnngg time. If I buy a drugstore eye shadow, for example, that shit lasts me like a month before I run out and have to replace. This Nars stuff lasts me a year, because the color payoff is amazing and the staying power is sick (I've had it before a few years ago, and it was over a year before I used it up).

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