Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pondering infusing color into my wardrobe. And "color analysis"?

I've been wearing my wardrobe of black/white/grey for over three months now, and it's been serving me well. However, after lots of thinking and learning, I've come to the conclusion that black doesn't do a lot to make me "feel" beautiful, and doesn't do much in general to enhance natural beauty or uplift my mood, in my personal experience.

I've had to remove quite a few items in my wardrobe (H&M for adults, as it turns out, is crappy, and some other items I've used have become overly worn out as my black pencil skirt I've had FOREVER). I've added in a few key items that actually have a bit of color: my navy 3 piece suit that I've realized I can launder at home (!), a blush colored blouse I bought on a whim from Target, as well as a cognac-colored (fake) leather jacket that was given to me as a birthday present. I feel a bit more alive when I wear color, so I'm thinking that I'll slowly start bringing some color back in for spring/summer when the time comes, as I've had to remove many of my black pieces...thank god I had the navy suit in the back of my closet, because removing items left me with very little to work with otherwise.

If you are a bit nervous about color, as I am, perhaps you can start by finding your season. What do I mean by that? Please see below...

I recently watched a random video about finding your "season" of colors determined by your complexion/hair/eye color. You can find that here. I also found a blog post describing my color season (summer), here:

Try to find yours! I was surprised that most all the colors I've been wearing in the recent years weren't right for me when you go by this particular type of color analysis (ahem, black, mustard yellow). I beg to differ on the reddish brown color though, because I do feel that one looks pretty good with my complexion. No doubt, as much as I like yellow, perhaps it's not my friend?


  1. I think navy would be great on you! Still gives a unfussy, sophisticated feel (like black), but would be even better with your complexion.

  2. I'm trying it out! And digging it, I think. I think the HR lady wearing all black is a bit scary, so perhaps some color could make me more approachable at work.....