Friday, November 28, 2014

One pair of pjs.

Over the past few years, I've rid myself of my ratty old pj pants, t shirts, and chemises that were beyond threadbare and ratchet looking. However, this has left me scrounging around for things to wear to sleep...mainly landing on my clean workout clothes. Sometimes my husbands shirts. Etc.

This scrounging around was adding a bit of light chaos to my night time routine. I decided to finally buy a pair of real pajamas. I looked and looked for months, and finally found the perfect pair. They have to be just exactly what I want, because they are my sole pair of pajamas. How do I get away with wearing one set of pajamas all the time? Only sleep in them! Maintain personal hygiene! Launder weekly!

Having one "perfect" pair of high quality pjs has simplified bedtime for me. Also, since my new house has no carpet and all wood floors or bathroom tile, the slippers are a must, so I included them as well.

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