Saturday, November 1, 2014

My breakfast, and pondering a declutter of my kitchen.

While I appreciate that variety is the spice of life...if you have something that is working well for you, why change it? My breakfast has consistently been comprised of a coffee/protein shake (I like special K brand), as well as a yogurt parfait. When I have this breakfast, I feel set for the day. My parfait ingredients have evolved....they are currently as follow:

1. Yogurt. I like greek or plain yogurt. Vanilla flavored yogurt works well also.
2. Shredded coconut or shredded dried banana. Gives a subtle sweetness.
3. Walnuts, to add extra protein and make it more substantial/filling.
4. Pumpkin seeds. Honestly, I like to add these for no other reason aside from that they are cute.
5. Dried fruit of choice. I sometimes do fresh, but I really enjoy including dried cherries.

When you got married, did you plan your kitchen purchases/wedding registry to accommodate a hypothetical dinner party? I did. I think many people do. This leads to redundancies in dishes. Redundancies in dishes lead to two things: 1. piles of dirty dishes that can occur because you can go through so many before being forced to wash them, and 2. precious cabinet space being taken up by dishes to feed a 30 person dinner party......when real life 99% of the time is just feeding a family of four.

I've been decluttering, cleaning out, and organizing all kinds of things in my home, including my wardrobe, makeup/toiletries, filing cabinet, digital files, pantry, etc. However, something huge that I still need to tackle is our kitchen. While our kitchen belongings are by no means obnoxiously excessive, we do have many redundancies. For example....SO MANY SPATULAS. Why? Tons of wine glasses. Too many tupperware containers. Also, our cutting boards kind of suck. We need some that are less clunky and space-monopolizing. Finally, I cannot stand our random small appliance collection that just sits in cabinets only to be used once or twice a year. I'm looking at you, iced tea maker.

I think clearing out the kitchen may be more difficult/sensitive due to that it closely involves another party: my husband. He is actually the kitchen master, so I don't want to encroach upon "his" space in there. I think I will need to be less surgical with that space...with a softer approach so as not to have my husband balk as I come barging in with my minimalist ideals.

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