Sunday, October 26, 2014

Want to feel zen? Take your vacation days.

I've been out of the country on an Eastern Caribbean cruise with my family for over a week - just got back yesterday.  We only purchased 100 MB of internet data while out to attend to a few urgent items via email, but aside from that, I've had zero internet or phone access.
This has been my first "real" vacation since I've started my job a year and a half ago. Just when I felt like I was going 100 mph orchestrating stuff left and right at work, I was forced to turn it all off. At my company, we can buy or sell extra vacation days. It may be tempting to sell an extra week of your vacation, but now I will suggest to my employees that they should take their vacation, and possibly buy more! I've returned feeling refreshed and clear-headed. Definitely ready to tackle some heavy lifting at work this coming week.

Aside from the above, my takeaway from my vacation was an appreciation for my daily life back at home, and my desire to become even more "minimal" with my routines, processes, and of course possessions.

For a family of four, all we took for this trip were 1 full size carry on and 3 half-size carry ons. Living extremely efficiently for over a week made me realize that I still have a lot of room for streamlining in my closet and my personal care processes.


  1. Hi Donna,

    Would you be able to share the capsule wardrobe you took with you to the Caribbean? I'm going to Australia for 3 weeks this winter, and am wondering what to pack and what not to pack for a tropical vacation.

    So glad I found your inspiring blog--you have a well-curated capsule of clothing!

  2. Hi, and thanks!

    I'll do a post about my travel outfits soon. Hope your trip to Australia is awesome!