Monday, October 27, 2014

10 Day Vacation Capsule Wardrobe - Eastern Caribbean

I packed all my stuff in a carry on. There are two types of clothing items I brought: regular clothes, and workout clothes. I brought along some turquoise earrings and necklace, as well as watch, wedding rings, aggie ring, and I got a lovely birthday present in St. Maarten while there, which I have been wearing every single day since....a titanium rose gold Caribbean hook bracelet.

"Regular Clothes" Examples:

1. St. Maarten - White waffle knit sweater with black skinny pants
2. Dinner/Brunch - Black dress - once on its own, and once with the black shirt on top
3. St. Thomas - Wore the white and black striped shirt and skinny jeans

"Workout Clothes" Examples:

1. Running a 5K race on a tiny Bahamian island on our last stop - grey tank top/black crops
2. Morning workouts (running track on deck, or in the ship gym) - any shirt/black crops
3. Anything schleppy - i.e. airport transit - workout top, jacket, scarf, and some type of pant.
4. PJs! I wore the black yoga pants and cream funnel neck sweat shirt every night as pjs. No other purpose for those.

Also, I want to add that I only brought 2 bras. Did laundry once on the ship, but just to wash the workout clothes. There wasn't a need to wash the regular clothes, since I could re-wear each outfit at least once or twice due to minimal sweating in those clothes. Regardless of if I was gone for 1 week or 4, I'd probably only bring this amount....any more than this would be unnecessary for me, especially if I have access to clothes washing!

I love my Caribbean hook bracelet from St. Maarten - early birthday present.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your wardrobe--very helpful for my trip. I dig those Birks. Those will be my next purchase after my current black sandals wear out!