Monday, September 8, 2014

Start Somewhere: Purging over 28 thousand unwanted digital items!

Want to start streamlining your life, but not sure where to start? Perhaps clearing out unwanted files on your email or computer will get you going in the right has proven to make a huge difference for me.

We've been so good about decluttering our home and closets, but I've avoided addressing the cluster-eff that is my digital realm. I finally decided to face my fears and dive into four years of backed up files and emails, and now that the bulk of the purge is complete, it feels sleek and streamlined. In fact, it almost feels like I have a brand new computer - the cheap thrills of decluttering. And this is only the purging part....I haven't started to really get my file storage "infrastructure" organized yet. That will be another project, and frankly, the initial declutter is always the most difficult part.

I did a search for any important emails I needed to hang onto (let's be honest, there were only a handful, if any), and after that, I went folder by folder and hit "select all" and then DELETE. The trashcan icon is my new best friend. The Zero Inbox is an elusive state of being, but very satisfactory when you actually achieve it. Even if you are sitting in a room full of crap stacked upon crap stacked upon crap, you may feel just a little bit more "minimalist" if your email is cleaned out.
Over 17 thousand emails weighing my inbox down...YES I WANT TO CONTINUE.
As I've become aware, apparently clearing one's inbox is a gateway drug for clearing out digital files as well. So I went through my computer and purged any unwanted files (almost 25 gigs worth...)
Turning my recycle bin all the way upside down.

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