Saturday, September 27, 2014

Recovering nail biters out there?

I think I've learned the secret to recovering destroyed finger nails after decades of nail biting! It's no cure for ebola, but it's something. Though, I fear that my nail biting habits will return as I'm officially studying for and taking my PHR exam in three months. Fingers crossed - no pun intended.

Before I get into what has been actually working for me, things I've tried that haven't worked....
  • Getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Was the longest I've ever let my nails grow, but sadly I gnawed them away immediately after my mouth recovered.
  • Getting fake nails. This actually left my nails in far worse condition (which says a lot, because they were already so thin from being bitten away)
  • Letting them grow on and on without trimming intermittently. They'd grow, but they'd break so easily because they were so weak.
So what has been working?
  • Keeping them manicured...three steps: 1. Hardener base coat 2. Polish 3. Top coat. Somehow this makes them a lot thicker, and protects them from chipping or tearing during every day life. Painting my nails has been kind of therapeutic, to be could almost meditate or pray while you're being meticulous over your nails.
  • Trimming a bit off the top each time I re-manicure (anywhere from every 3 days to once a week). Kind of like growing out hair, keeping nails trimmed takes off the shriveled edges, so that a clean edge can end up growing longer.
  • NO BITING - duh.
  • Drinking more water. I recently started a conscious effort to drink a ton more water, and magically, any ridges that I had in my nails (which would sometimes cause them to break) have almost disappeared. I am hypothesizing that this is a result of my drinking more water.
Disclaimer....they are still on the short side on the "how females keep their nails" spectrum, but for me, this is really quite long. Also, I'm no pro at painting my nails, but this was my attempt at a chunky french manicure....

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