Monday, September 22, 2014

Project 333...what I've learned a few months in.

Now that I've been trying to follow Project 333 for a few months now, I've learned more about how it works for me in my lifestyle...

1. High quality is the the right pieces. Jeans, bags, shoes, and athletic gear. Those are where high quality goes a long way for me. (I recently replaced my old navy jeans with some nicer ones when they became unpresentable and dumpy due to bagginess. Yuck/yay.)

2. A few cheaper, less durable clothes in the mix = turn and burn to release boredom. If you have some cheaper blouses that you like, but wear to shreds within the span of a year, it at least allows you mix up your look a bit while still having a simple pared down wardrobe.

3. I do like to mix around my jewelry after all. What works best for me is picking some jewelry from my collection to wear for a week, then getting out a new combo for the next week, etc. This gives the benefit of simplicity, while still adding the interest of change.

4. Pumps are necessary for me in a professional setting, after all. I've tried to not replace my heels that I wore down, but I just have certain days where I need to dress to the nines (particularly when presenting), so I've got some basic nude pumps en route to me as I type this.

5. Fine knit basic cardigans always suck regardless of price (in my experience), so just get the cheapest kind you can still look good in. They are a staple in my wardrobe despite their delicate, fickle ways. My yellow one looks terrible after just 6 months, so I'm planning to replace it with something much cheaper.

6. I don't like wearing dresses or skirts that much.

Sometimes I reminisce on the days when I was a stay at home mom or college student and didn't have to fuss so much over my clothing looking professional and presentable. Having less clothes has made it so much easier, but it's still a learning process around what works in what ways.

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