Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kids' fall/winter haul....H&M!

We typically buy clothing for our kids twice a year, once for spring/summer, and once for fall/winter. Both are toddlers, so they grow super-fast and their previous years' clothes for a particular season almost never last over to the next year, even if I buy them with a bit of extra room.

We try to keep around a collection of only the essential items, since clothes for growing softies really don't last very long. In the past, I've liked to shop for kids clothes at Old Navy, Target, Once Upon a Child, etc., because the durability and longevity of the clothing doesn't matter as much for kids clothing that they'll grow out of shortly, as opposed to adult clothing that is more of an "investment". However, I'm pretty sure I may have found my new favorite place to go for kids clothes....H&M! Very inexpensive, lots of cute styles and basics to choose from, and for the price, the clothing actually seems to be pretty well-made. Piece of advice on shopping at H&M....go in person. Don't order online. Because the sizing is all over the place, and you really have to "eyeball" the sizes for each item to see how it may fit your kid. I found that I bought a size up from even a generous "room to grow" size that I'd get at other stores.

Here are my purchases for my daughter, who is 3:
printed sweater tunic, three basic long sleeve shirts, a grey hat, soft black pants, soft polka dot pants, and minnie mouse undies! she already has some dresses and leggings, so this stuff completes her clothing for fall/winter.
And here are my purchases for my son, who will be 2 in a couple of months:
four basic long sleeve shirts, a striped sweater, two pairs of cargo pants, a hat, and some kawaii creature pjs. he already had a few pairs of pants, but was in dire need of some long sleeve shirts.

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