Thursday, September 4, 2014

I dressed like a man today. And, Whole Foods makeup review.

I consider myself to be quite feminine, but for some reason in the business world, I feel much more comfortable and powerful when I'm dressed like a man (dress shirt, pants, suit jacket). I can really tell a difference in my presence and the way I interact with others at work when I'm wearing this sort of outfit....and I like it.

On another note, ironically right after I wrote my first entry about makeup, my powder as well as my bronzer both crapped out on me. My powder ran out and the rest crumbled up and was impossible to get on my brush, and the bronzer has been starting to irritate my skin a lot, so I had to trash it.

Thus, as I have been doing lately with many of my purchases (or lack thereof), I decided to go the au natural route with my replacements....enter Whole Foods makeup! It's really really difficult to find natural makeup products (I normally have to really scour Ulta for those), so I thought it would be much more accessible moving forward if I found some Whole Foods makeup I liked.

I decided not to replace the bronzer, and just get a new powder. I also got a bright pink lipstick (my favorite type to wear). The brand Mineral Fusion (Whole Foods makeup partner) - powder color: Neutral 1; lipstick color: Charming.

After wearing these, I LOVE THEM. They are pricier than drugstore makeup, but such is life when you want "natural" makeup, apparently. They are still cheaper than many of the products found in Sephora or Ulta.
I think lipstick colors that look shocking in the tube are actually the prettiest ones when worn!

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