Sunday, September 7, 2014

Closet Tour!

Want to get up close and personal with my closet? No worries, I will not disclose the contents of my bra and underwear drawers (yet), but at least you'll see how I store them! My closet is definitely a work in progress, but it's become rather functional for me, especially since I started trying to follow Project 333. We have a pretty good-sized walk-in closet, but I'll only show my side, to spare my husband (and your eyes, from the large amount of weights and exercise gear on his side).

Peeking inside our closet door. I store shoes on the shelves (along with art supplies), and my laundry basket is underneath. Most of my clothes are hanging, but I do keep a small set of drawers on the floor under my hanging clothes for storing the following: top drawer: socks and pantyhose (ack), second drawer: undies, third drawer: bras, bottom drawer: accessories, a few sleeps shirts, swimsuit, etc.

On the left, I have my work clothes. On the right, my athletic gear and winter coat. Within those categories, I hang my tops together, and pants/skirts together. I hang my purse on a little area that peeks out from the shelves above.

There is a shelf above to store other stuff. I have my suitcase (which contains another smaller suitcase), a floral box full of keepsakes (my favorite baby outfits for the kids, a few small sentimental items, etc.), a striped box that contains our christmas decor (it's not a lot, but it does make our small space quite festive!), and then the kids' trick or treat baskets and easter baskets. I believe I could store the kids stuff in their closet easily, but haven't gotten around to organizing it yet to make the transition.

Here is a closer look at the front shelves. I have my main shoes I wear all the time (two pairs of flats, boots, and birkenstocks), as well as my heels for special occasions, and also my running shoes and chacos (for outdoor adventures!). Below you can see some watercolor paper and canvases, as well as my paints, bushes, and markers. On the floor, there is a large container full of photo albums and our digital photos on disk (I need to work on archiving these better), and of course, my lovely laundry basket.

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