Sunday, September 28, 2014

2 Months Away from Social Media

I guess blogger and pinterest still kind of mean that I'm on social media, but as for instagram (for the most part), facebook, twitter,'s been 2 months since I've been active on those.

I have to say that it feels great to be away from all that. I got this vibe on facebook of "keeping up with the Joneses", which was becoming quite repulsive to me. Not only from looking at other people posting their attention whore status updates and photos, but also from folks potentially perceiving my updates like that. Now that I'm away from facebook, and I hear people talking about what they read from their friend on facebook, or some comment drama, or whatnot...I'm so thrilled to have pulled myself out of that hot mess. It's just not real life....but when you are constantly checking your facebook, posting things to your facebook, you kind of end up living through facebook. IF IT'S NOT ON FACEBOOK, IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. Lol.

I have to admit that it is kind of strange to not know what's going on with family and friends. Folks are very liberal with making personal information known on facebook, but it's not normal any more for someone to text an update to a friend, or email them some pictures of what's been going on in their lives...which I can understand. I wouldn't really do that either, unless it was some big news or something extraordinary. I ran into a high school friend around town the other day, and I didn't recognize her because her hair was super short (not like she had it in high school, nor in her facebook pics before I dropped off that planet). It felt cool to see someone, and actually NOT KNOW what is going on with them....and have the opportunity to legitimately catch up. Not just pretend to not know everything they've posted on their facebook.

My favorite thing about not being on social media is getting to miss out on reading political drivel during election season from people who I thought I really saw eye-to-eye with. One of the things I found annoying about my facebook experience in particular was that I had to block or hide individuals or certain types of posts from lots of people due to me inadvertently judging folks HARD for the crap they posted on facebook. What's the point of facebook when you've hidden like, a third of the people you're "friends" with?

Overall, I truly don't see myself returning to facebook or anything similar for any reason. I'm reinventing myself in many ways, and hoping to turn a new leaf and branch out into new social networks (off of social media) when I'm ready to do so.


  1. I promise, I'm not going stalker crazy and reading the whole blog! But when I saw this...yes. Just yes. I have been off of Facebook for a few months now and I feel so FREE! It is weird to not know what's going on with friends and family but it's also really nice getting to continue liking everybody because I'm not seeing all of their opinions that make me really not want to like them!

    1. No worries! Glad you are enjoying your time away from Facebook as well. It does truly free up some space in the mind. It was strange how much time I spent thinking about and checking facebook, even though I didn't post on it every day.