Thursday, August 28, 2014

Your master bath....when you have small kids.

Our bath as we know it.
I like a lot of things about our apartment, but my most favorite thing is our delectable, massive soaking tub in the master bathroom. I take a bath every other day or so....I normally just lay there and read on my phone for the first bit, and then go about washing up. Being submerged in water supposedly has a healing effect on the skin, and I find it mentally relaxing as well. I also like the shower curtain I picked out when we first moved in...I usually struggle with picking "grown up" looking decor items, and I feel like I actually did a good job with this shower curtain.

On that note....I think most of the time when you are a grown woman, or even a married couple, your master bathroom is supposed to be like a "sanctuary" that is your own space, not that of your kids', if you have more than one bathroom (we have two). But, all that goes out the window sometimes when you have little toddlers....because guess what, folks? They like the big bathtub too, so guess who takes baths every day in that tub as well?

When you have small children, chances are instead of candles and decorative seashells sitting on the "shelf area" of your soaking tub, you'll have bath toys. A mermaid barbie. Some pouring pitchers. Some cups. Possibly a bowl. Oh, and a ladle....

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