Saturday, August 2, 2014

Where I'm at with social media.

I really like social media. It's been around since I was in high school. My relationship with social media has had its ups and downs, and it has evolved over time. Right now, I have mixed feelings on the role it has been playing in my life and where I see it serving my life, so I've been more selective about what channels I participate in, which I am passive on, or which I am out of completely.

I really love blogging, and reading blogs (text, photo, video, you name it). I like to express myself in blog form, and likewise enjoy seeing that in other people, news outlets, etc. I also like Pinterest, because I can find inspiration there and also express myself there. I like to see others' photos on Instagram, but I have ceased all activities there myself due to feeling like I was putting a lot out there without receiving much in return as far as expressive creativity or relationship building. I have a LinkedIn account (I kind of have to, being in HR), but I really just like scoping jobs and the market out there...not much actual person-to-person interaction aside from the occasional recruiter message. I don't like the interface or functionality of Twitter, so I no longer have an account there.

I recently dropped my face off of Facebook, because most of the people I saw updates from there are not currently in my life, nor currently seek a relationship with me (and neither do I with them), so why continue there? I've had to "hide" most of the people who were flooding my feed with political bullshit or constant "I started my own business selling shit" posts. After lessening my posts there more and more, I've opted out altogether. For the people I care about interacting with, I already communicate with them via text or email. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate friends that used to be in my life...but Facebook was not the venue for that, as I found myself more annoyed with it than appreciative of the meaningful interaction.

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