Monday, August 18, 2014

What's in my fridge?

Meet our fridge. It's actually new, as it was installed along with our apartment renovation. (Pardon the streaks....just attempted to clean the stainless steel, and I don't believe it went in my favor.)

This is what a full "I just did an HEB haul" looks like. Feeding two small children requires a constant need for milk, cheese, and greek yogurt. Apparently we are extremely heavy consumers of dairy, but so far no issues. We have been trying to go with less dairy products, but the kids did not fall for "special milk" aka almond milk. I ended up just using it in my coffee. Also, you can see that we like to keep a variety of beverages on hand. Neither my husband nor I drink soda, but we have water, orange juice, pomegranate juice, coconut water, protein shakes, and my moon!
I love having three drawers in our fridge to keep things separated. One for meat and cheese, one for fruit (most of our fruit is in a fruit bowl on our counter), and veggies. I get "fridge anxiety" whenever I feel like there is too much food in our fridge, which increases the possibility of having rotten food in the the separation and easy-access real estate for the meat/fruit/veggies is calming for me.
.....and our freezer. The most important thing we keep in our freezer is not pictured: a Belle princess ice pack. I feel like we use that at least 3 times a week for an ouchie or a bump. The rest of this is yucky food that we use in a pinch. For quite a long time, I was taking a lean cuisine frozen meal to work every day for lunch, but I have become so sick of any and all frozen'll probably be years before I'll be able to eat another. My husband does still like to take them for lunch.

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