Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Start somewhere...detox breakfast is were I'm starting.

Do you have those times where the wheels fall off the wagon? For me, that was this past week of eating too many trader joes chocolate caramels and failing to wash my face at night. Just pure laziness.

Sometimes getting back on track is hard for me, because I tend to be an "all or nothing" person. However, lately I've really started to learn the value of iterations....think big, start small. Especially when you have been a dirty-faced chocolate binger.

While this is no huge initiative to implement across multiple constituents, I will say that my detox breakfast of grapefruit and teavana tea makes me feel like I'm getting back on track...


  1. Hey Donna! It's Tory Setliff. Been there! I occasionally go on chocolate binges as well. :) I've been detoxing on a lot of green juices lately (kale, cucumber, parsley, etc.) and I feel way less bloated and so much better. Just thought I'd drop by and check out the blog, looks good! I've been wanting to start one for years and finally did...like two days ago, so it's still pretty sparse. Well, talk to you the next time I pop over here, bye.

    1. Thanks! You are so diligent to get in your greens. I am not quite as brave, but I have had a kale smoothie, and it wasn't too bad. Chia seeds are my new resourceful little friends.

      I love your blog...very cool to see your vision for your fixer upper, room by room!