Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Trader Joes Haul!

I went to Trader Joe's this evening and got some amazing things. I think many people who have never been or seldom have the chance to go to TJ's are always wanting to know the best items to buy when the finally do go there. I am by no means a conisseur of Trader Joe's, but here are the things that caught my eye this evening. (FYI - The reason I went was that I was on a mission to get the cold brew coffee concentrate.)

All are Trader Joe's brand items.
We'll start with the coconut water and go clockwise...

1. Coconut water, not from concentrate. I like natural coconut water on ice, as it's extra hydrating. I'm not into the stuff that they market as sports drink (that stuff tastes hideous).
2. Cold brew coffee concentrate. This is supposed to make 12 cups of coffee when you mix with milk or water, and it's cold brewed, which makes it taste nice and fresh. I have heard great things about this stuff, and it was the reason I went to TJ's this evening.
3. Thai lime & chili almonds. I love thai food that uses kefir lime leaves, so this was right up my alley.
4. Sesame honey cashews. Oh my god, I'm eating them as I type.
5. Roasted coconut chips. Despite the fact that I'm mildy allergic to coconut, I still can't resist it.
6. Mushroom & herb risotto. Just ran out of cous cous box mixes at home, so thought this would be an interesting item to try along the same vein.
7. Organic peppermints. I keep mints in my purse to eat after drinking coffee.
8. Dark chocolate covered caramels. How could you not buy these. No question mark.
9. Chia seeds. Apparently you are supposed to sneak these into any and all food you consume or cook to get in extra dietary fiber and protein. They taste like nothing, so sure, why not?
10. Macarona almonds with rosemary. These were labeled as a customer favorite, so I got them. They are excellent...very buttery soft and I love rosemary on pretty much anything.
11. Colombian instant coffee. I have no time to brew coffee when I want it, so instant coffee is my friend. Plus, it's essential when you need to make a Greek frappe, which is my holy grail favorite drink of all time.

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