Sunday, August 31, 2014

My nail polish collection AND....added something to my capsule wardrobe.

I have a small collection of nail polish colors that serve me well both in my professional life and my mom/casual/whatever life. I used to wear colors like aqua, neon green, chrome, etc., but have realized that's not cute on me.....just no.

So here is my collection of nail polish! Please keep in mind that my nails (particularly my finger nails) suck, and I can't grow them out, but I like to wear nail polish any way.
Because I love nail polish color names:
  1. White...."A-Ha! Moment" by Sephora OPI. I use this for DIY french tips.
  2. Nude...."Topless and Barefoot" by Essie. This is amazing, super opaque/light colored, and perfect for a clean, professional look. If you go for an interview, definitely wear this. I wear this color in particular because it tends to lengthen the look of my fingers since my nails are short.
  3. Light pink...."Mod About You" by OPI. This is my absolute favorite color of all time. It goes with everything, and looks very nice against the skin. Also adds some interest when you tend to wear black like me.
  4. Red....."Hey Sailor" by China Glaze. Everyone has to have red nail polish, though honestly, I rarely wear the red. Perhaps red is not as necessary as they all say?
  5. Black/super dark berry....."Lincoln Park After Dark" by OPI. I love black nail polish, but it's not super appropriate for me to wear at work. I will definitely put this on for a long weekend, or a vacation.
  6. Periwinkle...."Bikini So Teeny" by Essie. I wrote about this color in an earlier post. I love this color, as it's quite eccentric, but also tasteful looking.

And for part 2....I recently bit the bullet and sold/consigned a couple of handbags I've had sitting in my closet that I haven't used in years. With my earnings, I was able to go out and buy a small cross body bag that I've been admiring for quite a long time. I have to say, cross body bags are the way to go when you schlep around two little toddlers and need both hands on deck, so I'm glad that I've got a cross body bag now, but wishing I would have been using one for the past three years. I foresee this being perfect for traveling as well (business or vacation), because it's very lightweight.

Here it is...a quilted leather cross body bag by Kate Spade.

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