Thursday, August 7, 2014

My lululemon collection!

Lululemon has been my favorite brand for many years. What's so great about them? Three things: 1. Their designs are exceptionally feminine and flattering 2. Their technical materials are out of this world amazing, as far as durability and feel/function 3. The resale market for lululemon is insane, so if you want to switch up your wardrobe - you can pretty easily get most of your money back (if not some extra on top of initial investment) from a resale

Please keep in mind that I've owned (and sold) many lululemon items over the past several years, and I've slowly learned what items work for me, and what my favorite colors/fabrics are. This is my current lululemon collection, which I've accumulated over half a decade...let me explain below, for those who want to dive into the details.

  1. Forme jacket - I think a lululemon must-have is a zip up jacket. Perfect for winter running.
  2. Scuba hoodie - A scuba hoodie is a lululemon signature item, and it's very warm.
  3. Swiftly tech long sleeve - Another item in their core lineup.This particular fabric is antibacterial/stink resistant, so you can seriously wear this shirt like 5x before you wash it. Sounds gross, but whatevs.
  4. Tuck and flow long sleeve - this is super soft and warm, and I wear this as part of my casual/work wardrobe, and rarely work out in this one
  5. Lululemon Lab arial linen shirt - My parents went to Vancouver and got this for me from the Lab. The lululemon lab is on my bucket list of places to see, and I will get to see it next summer when I travel to Vancouver!
  6. Elevate tank - I believe the best lululemon tank tops are the ones that are fitted up top, but flowy on the bottom....very pretty design, and very signature look from them. Breathable and amazing for running in 100 degree heat.
  7. No limits tank - There is a built-in bra with an outer mesh/lightweight fabric that is also great for sweaty yoga or running in hot weather. This tank is in their core lineup, and is offered year-round.
  8. Seamlessly plunge bra - If you are wondering where to invest money in active wear, it's a good sports bra. And lululemon takes the freaking cake on sports bras...other brands cannot even touch lululemon sports bras.
  9. Flow y bra - Another core item that lululemon carries year round. This is my favorite, but I need to sell this one and buy another 2 sizes smaller because I originally got this one when I was pregnant/breastfeeding.
  10. Lululemon Lab tour shorts - Another item my parents picked up for me from the lululemon lab in Vancouver! I love these because I work out in them, but they also look normal when worn as street clothes.
  11. Wunder under pants - Leggings that are very thick, opaque, and with amazing fit. If you are going to invest money in activewear, pants, and especially leggings, are where paying for quality really makes a huge difference. Wunder unders are lululemon signature items, and can be worn for whatever work out you want to do. Also can be leggings under a dress for casual wear, if you're one of those folks on the "leggings are not pants" side of the fence.
  12. Wunder under crops - Again. love.
  13. Lululemon Lab commuter tight - Another my parents got for me from the lululemon lab. I wear these as lounge wear around the house...super comfortable, and the pattern is amazing.
  14. Still pants - These are wide-leg pants that I wear around the house, for light yoga, and during stuff that's extremely casual. They are very beachy.
  15. Relaxed fit pants - These can actually be worn to run/work out in, so I wear them as workout pants in the winter, and lounge pants in the summer.
  16. Refresher racer dress - This photo is actually a similar dress, but the one I have looks very much like this one. This is my favorite thing's comfortable and well-fitted as per the lululemon course, but I also put a suit jacket over it and wear it to work.
  17. Vinyasa scarf - YOU MUST GET THIS if you want to purchase a fun lululemon item. This is another one of their "signature" items, and you can look up tons of youtube videos on all the multiple ways to wear this thing. Very innovative, and the fabric is delicious.
  18. Backpack - We have used this for a diaper bag for years when we had 2 kids under 2 years old, and/or both in diapers. Now, I use this for weekend traveling and it'll most likely be my carry on to pack everything in for any trips I go on by myself (business trips, girls trips, etc.)
  19. Mat strap - I use this to tote around my yoga mat. They sell lots of different types of mat straps throughout the year (as well as other yoga accessories).
  20. The mat - My husband got this for me for Christmas a couple years ago, and I love it. It's my favorite lululemon color: Tender Violet. Their yoga mats are quite hefty. I feel like you could ride a tractor over this and it wouldn't make a scratch.
  21. Forgot to include another lululemon lab tank I's a black sleeveless collared blouse that buttons up the back. I do work out in it, but I mainly wear it to work because it looks very professional with a suit jacket.
Want to drink lululemon kool aid with me? Check out the links below to get you up to speed, in addition to googling on your own:
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  1. Would you ever sell me the tuck and flow long sleeve? My girlfriends got stolen and it was her favorite shirt. I am trying frantically to find a replacement.

  2. Would you ever sell me the tuck and flow long sleeve? My girlfriends got stolen and it was her favorite shirt. I am trying frantically to find a replacement.

  3. That collection of your’s is simply wonderful dear. I am also trying to make a collection like this of active wears for myself and I want to start with best workout leggings first. Can you share some good options for stores?