Sunday, August 24, 2014

Let's talk makeup....

" actually took the time to take photos and number everything?" - my husband

I actually enjoy makeup, and it's taken me many years to find my favorite ways to wear it. I'm still learning best practices in application and new products to use, but I've really been trying to minimize my makeup collection to the essential items that I here they are. Now that I know myself well enough to know what looks good on me, what products I'll actually wear, and which products to buy high-end and which to go cheap on, I am getting better at refining my collection (instead of having it go kaboodle-insane like a 90's preteen).

So here they are! My 10 makeup items that I wear on a typical work day, or any other day that I feel so inclined to make myself look my best. On weekends I usually wear minimal makeup (maybe just the CC cream and some lip gloss).

I've numbered them to disclose colors and commentary on each down below, but also to show the order I put these on in....takes me about 5 minutes start to finish, so I've gotten it down to a very quick process from doing the same application each day.

Face/lips - details below....

Eyes - details below....
  1. Physician's Formula CC Cream (Organic/Natural Origin) spf 20 - Light. I've tried LOTS of BB and CC creams, and this is the best so far. Not greasy. Not orange-oxidizing. Just enough coverage without being super thick. I like that it's free of synthetic ingredients, since it's going directly on my skin first.
  2. Translucent powder to "set" the CC cream...right now I'm using Almay smart color powder, which has obviously a bit more color to it. I like it, but I may try a different powder once this runs out...may go for a high-end translucent powder from bare minerals or something of that nature....
  3. Under-eye illuminator...this stuff is great, and it's easily accessible at a grocery store! Maybelline instant age rewinder eraser dark circles illuminator (has a pink tint, which works well for hiding under eye tiredness)
  4. Bronzer....this is some $5 MAC party stuff I got ("petticoat" mineralize skin finish). I like it pretty well, but I think I'll go for something else when I've run out of this. Problem is, when will I ever run out of this?? It's not even showing signs of use, even though I use it almost every day....
  5. Blush - Bobbi Brown "Peony". I think if you must buy high-end makeup of any kind, it NEEDS to be blush. I like this color a ton, but I may go back to what I had before once this runs out (NARS "Orgasm" - the best blush ever).
  6. Burts Bees Lipgloss. Color is "Ocean Sunrise". I like wearing pale pink on my lips.
  7. My favorite eyeshadow of all time! "Sin" by Urban Decay. Google it for's amazing. Great for wearing on its own, or with other colors.
  8. Highlight for just under brow, inner eyelids, and a little on the cheekbone...I've had this for over 3 years, and it's still going strong: "Crystal Avalanche" MAC verluxe-pearl eye shadow
  9. Palettes are annoying, because you find one color you like, and you're stuck with all the others. Or, the color you like runs out, so you have to randomly buy another separate color to keep the palette functioning in harmony. Anyway, this is Urban Decay Naked Basic palette, and it's nice, but the only color I really use every day is the black called "Crave" to line my eyes with the eyeliner brush. I get the brush wet, then drag it through the eyeshadow and put onto my eye, and it stays all day long.
  10. I think high-end mascara is a waste of money, so I always buy cheap because it's just as good. I'm trying out this kind right now, but I think the best mascara is the maybelline stuff.

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