Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Incompetence! at you guessed it, the post office.

My Longchamp bag has the corners worn a bit, so they've agreed to repair it for me if I ship it over to them. Great! I will use US Postal Service, as they are half the price of UPS and still provide tracking info.

The only packaging I have on hand (read = no additional cost to me) is a UPS bubble mailer....pause to think for a second, "Is it okay if I put this in a bag labeled UPS if I'm planning to send it via US Postal Service?" I was worried for a second, but then realized that US Postal Service ships packages in all shapes, sizes, colors, decorations, etc., so what would it matter if my bubble mailer just happened to have a UPS logo on it? Only a fool would let this confuse them, and surely no one would be idiotic enough to suggest that the UPS logo may prevent me from shipping via US Postal.....


I go to the post office with my package nicely put together in a UPS bubble mailer, addressed and ready to go. I already knew what I wanted..."Please ship this first class, with tracking."

Lady at the counter: "Do you want to purchase packaging for this?"
Me: "No. It's already packed....?"
Lady at the counter: "We will see this UPS logo and get confused and think this package is in the wrong place."
Me: "I'm certain that this packaging will work just fine. Thanks anyway."
Lady at the counter: "Well.....if your package doesn't get there, then that would be why." *slaps an adhesive first class shipping label on my package*
Me: "I think you'll be able to figure it out..." (trying not to roll my eyes too hard)

Thoughts going through my head:
  1. What business is it of the postal service's regarding type of colors/letters/decor that are on my package? All they should concern themselves with is the legality of the contents, and any shipping charges or forms that I owe. My package could be hot pink with glitter all over it, and damn right they'd have to ship that to wherever I pay them to.
  2. On that note, I'm paying you to ship my package. If three letters in the corner of my package confuse you enough to not carry through with the service I've paid you for, then you should probably be terminated.
  3. Maybe I should have paid an extra $5 to ship through UPS and not have to suffer morons.
  4. This lady must be uneducated and having a hard life, so I won't rip her a new one.

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