Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Closet Confidential - Stories behind my minimalist wardrobe.

No, this is not 7 minutes in heaven. But since I've recently posted about my minimalist wardrobe, I wanted to go through a few questions I've seen others answer:

Closet Confidential

Oldest item in your wardrobe?
  • Black suit jacket - This is a piece from my first business suit ever, when I was a Freshman in college. I remember many awkward internship interviews taking place in this jacket. Now I kill interviews. In my sleep. And I'm still wearing the same jacket.
Newest item in your wardrobe?
  • Neutral printed blouse - I actually bought this blouse a week or so ago in preparation for fall/winter. I felt like it would be essential in my pared down wardrobe, especially for work. I've already worn it at least twice in the past week. I felt like it was a great steal as well, because usually Anthropologie clothes are quite pricey, but I got this one on like, 80% off. I did not buy it just because it was on sale, but that was definitely an added bonus!
What is the most expensive item?
  • Jewelry - I think this is a given for most people...of course my wedding ring and engagement ring are the most expensive items I wear, followed by my watch (but it was a 25 year anniversary gift given to my dad from his company, so it has special meaning also). My diamond earrings I bought in St. Martin were a bit pricey as well, but they were duty free! The Caribbean = diamond purchasing capital of the world, so I've heard.
Cheapest/most affordable item?
  • $2 camisole from forever 21, and $4 black long sleeve shirt - I don't usually like to buy clothes from forever 21, because they are essentially disposable and fit poorly most of the time, but these items fit well enough, and they work for now. My skinny jeans from Old Navy were pretty cheap also.
What was your biggest bargain?
  • My trench coat from London Fog is probably the best "bargain" I've come across. It originally retailed for $225, but got it for $89. That's a pretty sweet discount. And of course, my neutral printed blouse from Anthropologie I mentioned above was a great deal at 80% off. I will only buy something on sale if it's something I already wanted...but it's always nice to know that you got some money off the full price that you would've been willing to pay anyway.
Biggest waste of money?
  • Anything purchased from Zara! I know that everyone else loves Zara, but in my not limited experience with attempting to wear things from there, my opinion is that Zara sucks. They have no quality control...I've had to return everything I've ever ordered online from Zara due to defects, and the shoes I bought from there have fallen apart way too soon. I bought a machine washable jacket from there a couple years ago, and it disintegrated after one wash. I was able to exchange that for something else, which I never wore because the fit was slightly off (that was my fault, since I did have the opportunity to try it on). Overall, I won't waste any more time/money on looking for wardrobe items from Zara.
Show us your three favorite items right now
  1. Short Boots - I wear these suckers all the time. I'm so over tall boots and trying to stuff my pants into them. Short boots are the new tall boots, in my opinion. I can even wear them in the summer, which I'm sorry, if you live in my climate you can't do the same with tall boots.
  2. Black dress - This is a lululemon dress that is so comfortable and fits me really well. Can be athletic, casual, or dressy.
  3. Stella & Dot layering necklace - This necklace is so versatile and can be styled in so many different ways. It has a bit of a Moroccan feeling with the trellis pattern in the small medallions, so I really dig it.


  1. Hello Donna! I'm from Brazil and came across your blog recently... love it! Your taste is impeccable! As a working mom myself I completely agree with your style choices. Please keep posting! :)